CHINA National Day / Golden Week

From the beggining, we wish a Happy China’s National Day to all our agents and to all the Chinese people!

CHINA’s National Day known as Golden Week is held annually on 1st of October, and celebrate the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

This year, the Mid-Autumn Festival will also fall on October 1st and will be combined with National Day. Chinese people will enjoy an 8-day public holiday this year.

It is important to take note of the holidays around the world which may impact our business. Any important day for our collaborators is a day of celebration for us and a day of sincere joy.

Factories and businesses will be closed and also all the custom offices, so, therefore, all the shipping services will be shutdown in this period, but the effects will be minimal if the necessary measures are taken in time.

For this specific reason, we always inform our clients about the possibilities we have at our disposal to avoid all the potential problems we may encounter and we advise them in the most professional way possible.

In China and its mainland ports, the celebrations are also expected to affect port operations in terms of loading, barging schedule, etc.

FAST FREIGHT has important storage capacities, so we can avoid unpleasant situations for our customers.

We will provide:
  • Overview of your shipments.
  • Access real-time shipping information and data.
  • Get accurate information for transit time.
  • Monitor key milestones.
  • Compare various shipping options for every consignment.
  • Plan the best schedule.
  • Reduce shipping costs and inefficient use of resources.
  • Important storage capacities

An old Chinese proverb says: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step”.The wisdom of the Chinese people is indisputable.

Happy China’s National Day to all! We hope you will enjoy the holidays!

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